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Every summer we have a corporate picnic. We have quite a few employees in various departments. Our boss thought doing a yearly picnic in the summer would be a great way to promote unity in our office. We are always so busy, so we never really get a chance to socialize.

One year, our boss thought that it would be a good idea to have a theme this year for our annual picnic. He designed corporate embroidered shirts for each department with our names and the department that we worked in. It was very interesting to see the interaction between all the different departments. It really made for a very interesting picnic.

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When my daughter started her first year of attending girl scouts she was so excited. All her friends were in the same troop as her. The one thing that she was most excited about was the all the projects that she was going to be able to partake in. The Girl Scout leader that her group had was very hands on with all the projects.

The one project that was the most unique was the one where they got to create their own custom made patches. This was a really great idea for the girls. They where able to custom design what patches they thought were most important in their troop. It was a great way to get the girls involved in their troop and make it their own.

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My company had a brilliant idea one year to start a softball team. I was less then thrilled. I am not a ball player, no hand eye coordination at all. I still wanted to be apart of it. I wasn’t interested in being the water girl.

After much deliberation, with my boss’s, I was announced to be the uniform designer. I was excited about that. Creative control was mine. I am pretty sure that they had no idea what they signed up for. First order of business was getting custom embroidered caps made. I made nicknames up for all the players in the office and placed them on the front of the caps. My boss’s were “Big Papa” and the other was “Shorty.”  They were thrilled.

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12 May, 2011

Besties Forever

My daughter has a best friend, or as they refer to themselves “besties.” They are inseparable. They even go so far as to celebrate their “bestie anniversary.” Every year they come up with interesting things to give each other.

One year for their “bestie anniversary”, they came up with a really great idea. They have sleepovers every weekend. So what they decided was to give each other embroidered duffel bags. They got “besties forever” placed right on the front. It was adorable.

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It was the end of my daughter’s basketball season. All the mothers got together. We were trying to figure out what to get the girls and the coaches as a gift. We really didn’t want to give just any old thing. After hours of brainstorming we decided on the perfect gift that would work for everyone.

What we wanted was something that they could keep forever. One of the mothers told us about some custom embroidered shirts that she had seen made for her son’s high school team. It was a brilliant idea and it was unique. The logo that we decided to use was “Arlington Shock Rock” and underneath we put each of their initials. The girls were thrilled and the coaches in tears. It was a great end to an outstanding season.

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20 April, 2011

Unique Gift

Shopping for that perfect gift can be pretty time consuming and mind boggling. Especially when that special person has everything they could possibly need. Therefore, being creative is a good idea. Finding a gift that is unique, that no one else can possibly duplicate is a good idea.

Monogram towels are very unique. You can customize them the way that you want. My mother gave my grandmother a set of hand towels for Christmas. The monogram was beautiful. It had her initials “PC” and a beautiful yellow rose. Grandma was very surprised at the detail that was on the towels. It was a beautiful gift and one that she will keep forever.

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6 April, 2011

Dress for Success

The high school I attended was one of the few public schools in the area that required its students to wear school uniforms. Now, school uniforms, once thought to be exclusive to private schools, are becoming more common in public schools. Proponents of school uniforms argue that it levels the playing field and promotes better attitudes.

At my high school the motto used was “dress for success.” It has been proven that when students dress professionally, their behavior improves and creates an atmosphere of respect. A typical uniform consists of khaki pants (or khaki skirts for girls), custom embroidered polo shirts, and sweaters for cold weather. Dress shoes or shoes in a specific color are usually required.

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We are very proud to present our new Facebook page for Endless Embroidery & Screen Print. Through Facebook, we’re able to talk with you, find out what’s on your mind, let you know what we’re up to, and give you the latest offers and products available. Now that is awesome.

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28 March, 2011

Patch Mania

Custom patches are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes and can be used for just about anything. Whether their used as company nametags or to support your favorite charity, patches are a fun way to advertise your business without spending a lot of money.

 Endless Embroidery offers custom made patches for every occasion. They can also be used as an inexpensive gift to hand out during tradeshows, fundraisers, and or special events. Stock patches are also available for military, fire, and police personnel. Our stock patches can be purchased online at anytime.

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23 March, 2011

Adult Kickball League

Kickball isn’t just for elementary school kids; adults enjoy the game too. For the past few years, I’ve participated in an adult kickball league. Most teams practice once or twice a week and then compete against each other on Saturday mornings.

The league is pretty informal and it’s up to individual teams to come up with a uniform. The only thing dictated by the league is the official color of each team, so as not to add confusion on the field. My team’s color is royal blue so we had custom t-shirts made in blue with our name in white script. We also ordered matching custom embroidered baseball caps with our respective nicknames stitched on the back.

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